How to use the registration site

Only the entries registered in the Registration Site are valid for Hungarian Artistic  Swimming Federation competitions. To ensure a successful registration, you must complete the following steps

  1. Log in
    In case you don’t have a valid account on the site, you must register.
    In case you forgot your login details or password, click for more information.

  2. Giving club, competitors and staff details
    Before registering for each competition, please check that all your competitors and their birth details have been given.
    The system will allow the competitors to be selected only for competitions valid according to their age group!
    You can find a description of how to set up the club and competitors' data here.

  3. Start Competition Registration

    On the home page, you can find the Calendar of Events. Choose the competition you’d like to register, and click on “registration” there

  4. Choose event
    Choose the event where you want to register/change registration

    For this, on the competition registration page find the event listed under the age group you need, then click on the event’s name

  5. Competitors’ registration to competitions
    After choosing the event, a list will appear with all possible competitors’ /competing groups’ names who can compete there. (The number of competitors and stand by change according to the event).

    To register, select from the list the name of the person you want to enter for each event.
    In case the person’s name is not in the list, please check the competitors’ details as indicated in point 2.
    If you have more than one competitor/competing group in the same event, you can add more entries by pressing the + button at the end of the list.
    When you are finished registering your competitors, press the SAVE button.

  6. After saving, the system will return to the Events List screen and the data you have just entered will now appear under the event.

  7. Registering to the next competiton
    For all the events you wish to register for this competition, repeat the above steps from step 4.

Once the data in the system has been recorded, the system will send notifications as follows:

  • Entries recorded the previous day will be notified by email at dawn the following day. If you wish to be notified immediately, you can do so from the interface.
  • After the registration is closed, the system will send the last valid entry details to all applicants
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